HB-S 76 Single sliding door (A-60) Internal medium duty


Certified sliding door with flat threshold and hose-port

HB-S is classic and solid Baggerød design. HB-S76 has a thin door leaf to make it lighter. This makes it a good choice for doors with large door leafs.

Space efficiency

Baggerød have designed the suspension of the door to fit the many needs in the markets. HB-S76 can be supplied with a normal size suspension or a “low track” design.

Operation and automation

HB-S76 can be delivered manual, electric and pneumatic. With Baggerød HBI-100 electric

system this is one of the most flexible and durable automated doors in the market. The electric control system can be fitted in side cover (standard), a very time and logistics efficient method. It can also be fitted on the bulkhead/externally away from the door.

External and Internal door

HB-S76 for external use, is normally delivered with weather covers over the top suspension and the side.

HB-S76 for Internal use can be delivered ready for integration with the interior (“above ceiling”)

or with side and top covers.

Special product customization

In addition to our Engineering To Order solutions, Baggerød can on a

project basis make customization to the door according

to your needs and demands.


Fire class: A-60

Sound reduction: 43 dB (with gasket)

Gas tightness: 01m3/hm2 at 50 PA

Leading manufacturer of fire rated doors, windows and door drive-systems to the maritime market.