The most reliable electric drive system for sliding doors


HBI-100EL - Electric drive system for sliding doors

  • Strong and reliable
  • High operational stability
  • Certified A-60 fire security
  • Time efficient installation
  • Cost effective maintenance compared to pneumatic system
  • Ethernet network for system communication and interface to other systems
  • Advanced system monitoring with remote operation available as option for bridge display, control room or external systems

A versatile system for most sliding door solutions

HBI-100EL has approximately 500 operational installations as of late 2020. The system has proven to be very stable and cost effective. The control modules are the same as used in IMS watertight doors and are very reliable. The system is flexible and much advanced functionality is already implemented.

The system is Belt driven and can be delivered:

  • Standard, pre-built/integrated or
  • Flexible, partly pre-assembled, with longer cables


The control modules for this system have a lot of potential, and can be used for:

  • Remote control
  • Surveillance
  • Maintenance

It can be configured with local or remote displays.


The Ethernet Interface opens up the possibilities for long distance operation and monitoring.

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