Electric drive systems for doors

Automatic doors

Baggerød AS cooperate with the best suppliers of electric systems in the business, and can supply systems for most situations. Electric systems are space efficient and flexible.

Options / Functionality

  • Door opening (push button)
  • Safety strip (option)
  • Emergency operation
  • Fire safety automation (option)
  • Key Switch (option)
  • Manual operation/Override (option)
  • Hold open (option)
  • Door handle opening (option)
  • “Panic”/hands-free door opening (option)
  • Ceiling Pull Handle (option)
  • Electric “bridge operation” (option)
  • Brackets for pre-mounting

Basic configurations

  • Basic drive (no options “pull” activated)
  • Push button configuration (push buttons on each side)
  • Hand and leg operated configuration (extra push buttons)
  • Toilet configuration
  • Handicap toilet configuration

Other configurations can be arranged

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