pneumatic systems

The “smarter” and more accurate drive system

Choosing a solutions-n pneumatic drive system is the best choice of pneumatic drive systems in the maritime market.

The system is very sophisticated and use the air pressure very efficiently. The system normally require fewer air reservoirs for emergency operation. The drive system has a very precise movement of the door leaf’s. The system is very well documented.

System function:

  • Immediate stop of the cylinder by activating the safety strip.
  • Separate adjustable opening speed by handle or external activator.
  • Customization during production phase based on a modular system.
  • System prepared for cold “Arctic” environment as a standard.
  • Partly same components for sliding and hinged systems.
  • Doors up to 800kg door leaf weight can be operated by 22° heeling.
  • Open and close by an automatic door lock is available.
  • Support by solutions-n available at any time.

Space requirements:

  • Standard control box sizes for hinged and sliding systems.
  • Less space requirements based on a special cylinder principle needing less air reservoirs.
  • Less installation work based on a “one-tube” system.


  • Quick and easy to install and service (modular system)
  • NEW Product and parts catalogue.
  • Data-sheets and 3D-models with all required information available.
  • Quick access to documentation
  • Express deliveries from stock.
  • Part no. Visual inside the system.
  • Service personnel trained by solutions-n

Leading manufacturer of fire rated doors, windows and door drive-systems to the maritime market.