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Extend the life of your equipment with A quality maintenance and service program

Throughout the life cycle of the Baggerød products we aim to serve our clients in a professional way. Maintenance is crucial to ensure operational capacity. Baggerød believes in being available and provide immediate response to our customers throughout the lifetime of our products. We have qualified personnel performing service, maintenance and upgrading assignments all over the world.



  • Installation
  • Installation Supervision
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades



We offer an genuine spare parts logistic service to our customers worldwide.

Our genuine spare-parts have the quality that was used on your product originally. Spare parts are shipped daily to our customers around the world – often the same day as the order is received. Our distinctive packaging gives you the assurance that you have received top quality spare parts.



BAGGERØD Life-cycle Service offers training courses including theoretical and practical instructions of operation and maintenance of relevant BAGGERØD doors and windows.


Standard training courses:

  • Hinged door installation course
  • Sliding door installation course
  • Window installation course
  • Door maintenance course


Tailor-made courses are available on request.

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